This page brings together information on Home Security, paying particular attention to technologies that I have personally deployed. It covers information on alarm systems, locks, lighting, window and door hardware, and surveilance equipment. It pays particular attention to methods to make your home less of a target for burglary, and it discuss techniques like lock bumping used by criminals and how to reduce such risks. There are many approaches to computer security including some creative solutuons.

Defense in Depth

You might be more likely to hear the term defense in depth used in the context of computer security, but the concept is an underlying concept of phyical security. Almost any home with an alarm system employs this concept - few homeowners set an alarm but leave their doors and windows unlocked. The alarm is there as a deterent, and to aid response when the first line of defense is bypassed, it provides some depth to the defenses. So, what does this mean for you - it means that you should employ more than one of the techniques described below if you want your home to be safe and secure.

There is plenty of information on security available from the Internet. Here are a few sites with useful information.