Home security is nothing to play around with. For the safety of your family and all your belongings, you need to secure your home using any means necessary. If you¡¯ve ever seen the movie Home Alone, you know it¡¯s possible to get creative with your security. While you don¡¯t need to hang paint buckets from rope, you can do a few other things to tighten the security on your home.

Change Your Locks

One of the easiest ways for someone to break into your home is to go right through the front door with a key or passcode. When you buy a home, keys are handed over to you at the closing. Do you really know who else has a copy of the keys? It¡¯s best to change the locks as soon as you move in.

After you¡¯ve ended a relationship or gotten rid of a roommate, it¡¯s a good idea to change the locks as well. Even if they handed back the key, you can never be too sure if they made a copy or not. It¡¯s not expensive to have a locksmith come out and change the locks, so go ahead and make the call. If you have a home security system make sure you update the security code. If you are still shopping for a good home security provider, check out different websites and local providers to get the best deals on ADT.

Put a Spare Key on the Dog

The spare key sitting under the planter or under the welcome mat is going to be discovered easily. These are the areas that burglars look first. Instead, some have suggested putting the key on your dog¡¯s collar. You could attach it next to their ID tag or tape it to the underside of the collar. Of course you would want to attach it to the least friendly dog you have. You can get the key when your dog is outdoors or they can come through the pet door when you call their name. Personally, I don't recommend this approach since collars (or animals) sometimes come loose, and do you really want your key in the hands of the dog catcher?

Avoid Rooms with a View

Go outside and stand out by the street or the sidewalk. What can people see through your windows? You will want to move anything of value so it¡¯s not visible from the road. This includes your TV, computers and any other electronics. If there is art or anything else, you may want to consider moving it. If you can¡¯t move the valuable items, be sure to keep your blinds closed.

If you can see things from the windows, so can anyone else. You don¡¯t want to give people a reason to rob you.

Add Lights

You need to have a motion sensor light to come on when you¡¯re home or not. This way the lights will come on automatically and (hopefully) deter anyone who is approaching your home. If you¡¯re not going to be home for a few days, set timers on your lights. Place them in a few different rooms and use them naturally. This way the house looks occupied.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Your neighbors, especially the nosy ones and the ones that like to gossip, are the ones to get to know. They can tell you who has been slinking around the neighborhood and if there¡¯s been anyone looking into your windows when you¡¯re not home. If you hear about any suspicious activity, you can prepare your home more effectively.

Get creative with your home security and you¡¯ll be able to deter more people from breaking in.