Tired of being charged to reconnect your phone everytime you move. If you are a student away at school, you are probably moving often. Use Ooma as your home phone service, and just move the box when you move, whether you will be home for the summer, or find a new apartment or dorm room each year.

When I was in college, I had to move at least twice a year, and that increased costs to have a phone line, since the initial connection fee was more than a months service. At that time, I needed the phone to connect to computer systems. Today it is the reverse. You are more likely to have internet service, perhaps provided by your school, or perhaps otherwise, and you can use the Internet the get phone service.

Of course, today, most students use their cell phones as their primary phone for precicely the reason I already mentioned - why change service everytime you move. But if you have poor cell coverage, or otherwise want a landline, then why not use a service like Ooma for you phone service. Pay for the box up-front, but just bring the box with you when you go home for the summer - and keep your number. If you move, just move your Ooma box with you, no new installation required. Of course, you do need to update your registered address in case you need to make any 911 calls. You will also require internet service at your new location, but if that isn't already provided for you, you probably wanted to get that anyway.