Much of the home technology for landscaping addresses automation for sprinklers, irrigation, and irrigation controllers. These technologies will be discussed on this page. There is also lots of other important information, such as the selection of plants, how to care for those plants, and weed and pest control but those topics are better covered on the related site for Landscapes in Ladera Heights, California.


Irrigation systems can range in price from less than $20 to many thousands of dollars. I consider an irrigation system to anything that saves from you having to move the hose from place to place, although technically a garden hose by itself could be considered an irrigation system. I have two systems installed at my house, the smaller of which is used to water individual plants, some of which are still in pots, and the larger of which is for my landscaping. As I complete this page I will describe each of these two systems in greater detail, as well as some other options for watering your yard.

One project that I recently completed as to convert my landscape irrigation systems from a Sterling 8 dedicated irrigation controller to an X10 irrigation control system, allowing me to change water schedules from my computer.