A few years ago I purchased a portable Karaoke system at Costco called LeadSinger. At the time, this was an inexpensive portable Karoke system that came with two Microphones, one of which connected directly to the video and audio input of a television. The system was contained entirely within the microphone.

Although many of the included songs, and those on the additional song chips that could be purchased were of low quality (i.e. many of the lyrics were subtly incorrect). It was fun to use, and I know of several people that after using ours at parties immediately went out to get their own.

Today, that system seems to have been rebranded several times, with on version marked as Magic Sing. In the newer versions of the system, the quality is much improved. I recently used my old Leadsinger at a family gathering and one of my relatives went right out and got the new version for their own use. The difference between this newer version called Magic Sing, and my old Lead Singer was as clear as night and day. Magic Sing is a great system for those that want a karaoke system for non-professional use. It is fun and simple to use, and has a very large song library. Like Leadsinger you can purchase additional chips to add to the library, but even the basic included library is farily extensive.

Choosing a Karaoke System

There are many karyoke systems available for purchase ranging in price from under $100 to more than $10,000. When chosing such a system you must consider how you will use it. Is it for parties, and will you bring to to the party or is it only for parties at your home - i.e. does it need to be portable? Are you using it professionally - i.e. you are getitng paid to host karaoke parties. How much do you want to spend, and what songs do you want. What songs are included and how much does it cost to buy additional songs. Then there are issues of audio quality and special features, how many microphones, song quality, etc.